Why a Singaporean mum quit the corporate world and became a self-published author

After working for more than a decade in a dental logistics company, sales and marketing manager Apple Sophia Lim, 39, decides to wave ‘goodbye’ to the corporate world in 2022 to continue her dream of publishing children’s books that she hopes will inspire and transform the lives of children around the world.

Taking inspiration from her family, the Singaporean mum began writing stories for her two daughters right in the midst of the pandemic in 2020, after she noticed there was a gap in the market for children’s books that were ‘fun, interactive and heart-warming’ at the same time. During this creative journey, many interesting elements of the stories were also contributed by her two daughters. A few months later, their first book ‘Make a Wish for a Unicorn’ was published in late 2020.

Soon after, she realized the books she had written for her own family circle had the potential to reach out to a wider audience. By late 2021, Apple had become a successful children’s book author of four popular picture books, and this year she is preparing to publish her fifth book ‘Make a Wish for a Rabbit’ as part of the ‘Make a Wish for a Book’ series. Concurrently, she is also on a mission to help her daughter Alva (age 8) to publish her very own storybook.

Apple hopes that by pursuing her dreams and passion in authoring full-time, she will be helping to inspire children around the world to do the same. She also hopes that one day, libraries around the world would have a generous display of children’s books that were authored and published by children themselves.

“I decided to quit the corporate world when I realized I couldn’t be a role model to encourage children to follow their dreams, if I myself can’t do it too,” says Apple.

“Well, I haven’t looked back since, and now I want my story to be shared far and wide to inspire others to follow and live out their calling. Before embarking on the ‘Make a Wish for a Book’ series, I must admit I have never even written a book before, let alone published a series of them! After joining a number of support groups, working through late nights and diving deep into the publishing industry with some hard knocks, I’m so pleased that the books are now a finished product that is well-loved and enjoyed by children around the world.”

“Despite having no previous experience as an author, I remembered wanting to write stories since I was young. By sharing my story now, I hope to inspire others never to doubt yourself because nothing is impossible as long as you have the grit and passion for it.”

Apple also views her children’s books as a ‘legacy’ and says that each book was written to include a meaningful message for her family.

“Building a personal legacy is not always about transferring financial assets to the next generation. A legacy can be viewed as an interconnection across time and it should be something meaningful that allows you to carry it forward in time. I see my completed ‘Make a Wish for a Unicorn’ book as a legacy that crystallized the precious time and efforts that my children spent with me to create and publish this children’s book. The Chinese edition of the book can now be found in Singapore’s National Library and would be archived in years to come. This, I believe, is the most precious legacy I can leave to my two girls!”

As the self-publishing business is often costly, Apple plans to gain additional funding through holding author visits, running publishing courses, providing book conception services as well as applying government grants to sustain this business. She also plans to launch an NFT e-book soon for ‘Make a Wish for a Unicorn’ to raise funds for future projects.

Apple has generally been successful in the self-publishing scene, but when asked if she has any message to share with people who aspire to be a self-published author, she says:

“Self-publishing can be a lonely business, but as long as you’re doing it to follow your calling and to make a real difference in the world, I can assure you all the efforts are worth it and it will be your most fulfilling journey.”

About Us: Apple Sophia Lim, a mother of two young girls, recognised there was a huge gap in the market for fun and interactive children’s books. Based on their own ideas & creativity, the mum and her two daughters co-authored and published their first ‘Make a Wish for a Unicorn’ book in 2020, before continuing to launch the ‘Make a Wish for a Book’ series of interactive stories that are now well-loved around the globe. The 40-page book is full of colourful illustrations, interactive elements, and promotes a valuable lesson about sisterly love.

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